Monday, December 4, 2006

Titans should reward Fisher for a job well done

This blog is dedicated to my love, Jane Bowell and Christ.

Today the the statement is "Jane, I love you like Christ" in Amheric.

Ewadeshalw enda christ

That is spoken in Ethiopia. I just learned that from a young lady two minutes
ago. It's so easy to do. I can do over two hundred languages already. All I have
to do is ask someone to say it and then write it once and I learn it. The other night
I was learning Vietnamese. That one is a little more difficult but I did get it after
about ten minutes.

American Patriot Jeff Fisher

aka Jante Degaul

For more information on me
Google-Jeff Fisher Whistle Blower This one broke the news in 2006


Is White House Whistleblower Ready to Bring Down the President?
Politics – I don't want to go Woodward and Bernstein all over you, but last week, just after Air Force 1 lifted off towards a meeting with Iraq's Prime Minister al-Maliki, someone in the administration who had had enough of the President's insistence that he knows what he's doing, sent a message that everyone seems to have missed: an administration mutiny is

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Verizon turned off my phone and Davida basically kicked me out and I
have seven cents. I am blessed.

I have Christ, Jane, Dr. Jonathan Greer aka Dad,Tom, Mary, Doug, Roger,Stew,
Lenny,Nick, Sandra and so many more.

I need $478 dollars to turn my phone on and Davida kicked me out because she lacks patience about getting her 200 dollars which I told her to just wait and it will come.

Yesterday I told her to read the 91st Psalm and she wouldn't. I recite it all the time and this is prosperity. Emmie Ross was right about having prayers from Unity Church on my old website when I ran for congress. Walkingwithfisher and JeffFisherforCongress dot com. Go to Alexa and type it in. Then go to traffic details, then go to wayback machine and whola my work is there. Not all of it but quite a bit. I have computers all over the world and many in Palm Beach County that have more information and evidence regarding our stolen elections. I am going to enjoy having people arrested for obstruction of justice and treason.

Davida can't realize how rich I am going to be. All she could do was complain about being late in her rent and paying a late fee. I will be able to pay her bill very soon and much more.

I am going to post this to her site as a comment and hopes she responds
and says to come back to her apartment and realize she can completly trust me.

Google-Jeff Fisher Election Fraud
Google-Jeff Fisher Files
Google-God Jeff Fisher
Plus many other combinations write to me and lets see what happens

Excuse the time delay, that address is constantly being hijacked.

Here is the link that explains how Microsoft is being harmed plus my phone lines which include Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobil. this is a major security issue that needs attention ASAP.

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The reason for this is because they already did this.
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Now does anyone have any doubts about what I have been stating about my evidence?

My case is already won because God is my guiding spirit for all of America and mankind.

God bless us every one
Jeff Fisher aka Tiny Tim
I love reading Charles Dickens
I can't wait to talk with a literary agent about my interesting life.
I am so blessed, Thank you Jesus.

Later I am going to link most of these words to the crime that I witnessed and experienced first hand. That is why I was able to file a Quai Tam. Please Doug call these people now.